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There was a question asked over on the New York Central bboard about the two 4-4-2's (nee "Imperial" renamed "Bridge") the IC painted chocorange when leased by them in 1961 and 1962.

They were returned to the NYC in 62 and promptly sold to the ACL. Everyone knows this, but the questions are:

1. Did ACL take delivery in the chocorange scheme? 2. Did ACL repaint the cars or were they sent to Pullman for this? 3. Why didn't ACL replace the pre-war triple bolster trucks? 4. What other , if any, changes did ACL make to the interiors, etc.

You PCD's (pass car detectives) out there should have some fun with this stuff).

Buck (Remember to Renew Promptly!!) Dean The Membership Nag.

-- Buck Dean (, April 13, 2001


These cars went directly to Pullman where they were rebuilt. Most had the original trucks-namely triple bolster "Napoleon Hat" units. I believe that one or two may have had their original trucks replaced by Pullman/NYC prior to their rebuilding-I thought I saw a photo of one of these cars with more conventional trucks. However, just to confuse the issue, PRR had six of its pre-war Plan 4069B 4-4-2 cars repainted into a silver-gray for use in the 1962 anniversary issue of the Florida Special. Cars IMPERIAL PARK, IMPERIAL PASS, IMPERIAL PLATEAU, IMPERIAL POINT, IMPERIAL RANGE, IMPERIAL TERRACE were painted silver gray 10/62 and then repainted tuscan red 5/63. These cars kept their small upper berth windows as well as their triple bolster trucks. Oh yes-the Pennsylvania on the letter board was black.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, April 19, 2001.

The cars were rebuilt by Pullman in 1962 as you say.ACL bought them from NYC and sent them to Pullman,so can only guess they never came to ACL in IC colors.I don't know why the trucks were not changed out. Should not have been anything wrong with them,they have been on the cars since built in 1938.I think SP's cars were still running with them also. Did they make interior changes? Of course they did,changed them into 4 CMPT,4DR cars.Biggest exterior change,those little upper berth windows were also gone.

-- J.Oates (, April 13, 2001.

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