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You were all so helpful on consists of the Seminole, that I though I would fly another questions past the "experts".

In 1957 my wife and her mother boarded an ACL train in Wilson, NC late in the afternoon for a trip to Augusta, GA. Ok. They did go by sleeper and after a few years of leading questions, I have determined that they were in a bedroom of a heavyweight.

Now the question: What train or trains took them from Wilson to Augusta and in what type of heavyweight sleeper. I have my own theories, but I won't taint the thought processes by mentioning them here.

Thanks and a tip of the ol hat as always.

AB Dean (that guy that fools with your membership renewals)

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-- Buck Dean (, April 13, 2001


Thanks for all the answers, gang. My wife is POSTITIVE that they left Wilson in the afternoon (or early evening). She is also positive that the car was a "heavyweight" (it had a big ladies room at the end...unquote). She is pretty positive that it had a "long aisleway with rooms on one side"

If any of this helps

Buck Dean

-- Buck Dean (, April 16, 2001.

I don't have a summer 1957 schedule, but I do have one effective April 29, 1956. It shows train #375 leaving Wilson at 4:58 PM and arriving at Augusta at 1:10 AM as train #55. This train carried a sleeper from Washington to Florence and another from Wilmington to Atlanta (#55 was the train from Wilmington to Augusta, where it became Georgia #5). It would have required a change at Florence. These sleepers were both 10 sections, 2 compartments, 1 drawing room heavyweights. The other train was #77-51. This left Wilson at 12:04 AM and arrived at Augusta at 8:40 AM. #77 carried two Augusta sleepers- a 21 roomette car from Washington and a 10-6 from New York, switched to #51 at Florence.

Not much help, I'm afraid. Unless your wife and her mother were on a spe

-- Larry Brennan (, April 15, 2001.

According to the ACL December 1957 passenger timetable, the only issue I have for that year, Tr.#77 "Palmetto" left Wilson at 12:01am and the sleeper arrived in Augusta Ga at 8:40am. #77 had a through sleeping car, NY to Augusta, though being a 10 rmetts/6 dbl bdrms, it doesn't sound heavyweight. The "Miamian" left Wilson at 7:31pm, but had no Augusta sleepers. The "Everglades" left Wilson at 5:08pm, and also had no Augusta sleepers. The "Everglades" had a coach connection which got to Augusta at 1:30am, hardly a need for a sleeper. Hope this is of help.

-- Tom Underwood (, April 13, 2001.

Buck, I don't have an ACL timetable in front of me, but I know the Everglades (375) departed Rocky Mount southbound at 4:15pm arriving in Wilson at 4:40pm, then southward to Florence arriving at 8:05pm. I also know that westbound ACL train 55 from Wilmington arrived in Florence at 8:10pm. If your wife's sleeper was switched to 55 and 55 continued west to Atlanta, I'm sure Augusta was one of the stops. I'll check my ACL passenger timetables to check the times and the equipment. Hope this helps. mvh

-- mark huband (, April 13, 2001.

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