Differences in the 2000 and 2001 F4s

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Can someone please tell me the differences between the 2000 and 2001 F4s, assuming there were any changes? Thank you.

-- Allan Gibbs (agibbs748@aol.com), April 11, 2001


here's a quick comparison:

Same engine, boreXstroke and compression.

2000 vs 2001

  • 93kw@12200 vs 98kw@12500
  • 7.3Kgm@9000 vs 7.8Kgm@10500
  • Wheelbase 55.59in vs 55.04in
  • Length 79.76in vs 79.01in
  • Dry Weight 396.8lbs vs 419.4lbs
  • Top Speed 171mph vs 174mph

  • -- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), April 12, 2001.

    why are the 01's 20lbs heavier ?

    -- eric in hongkong (eric.wong@cyberdude.com), April 23, 2001.

    The specs are the same for the MV F4 S save for a software revision which has allowed the mono version of the bike to gain a little power. The big difference is for the SPR and the Senna Editions. The SPR and Senna bikes uses Mahle high compression pistons and a slightly modified head and valvetrain. According to MV there will be a kit to upgrade earlier bikes, in the same way that Ducati offers a Ducati Performance offering. Additionally the exhaust on the SPR and Senna bikes are freer flowing.

    -- Fabio de Andrade (fandrade@ukans.edu), April 26, 2001.

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