River Flow

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Can climate affect how fast water can move, or is it just by the projected steepness of the slope. In any way does weather relate to anything with river flow.

-- Bryan Fromm (Frommie2@aol.com), April 11, 2001


Weather plays a very important part in river flow. For example, around this area, during the winter months, snow accumulates. During the spring, the snow melts, causing rivers to rise. More water means faster flow for rivers. This is also a cause of alot of flooding in spring time. For a recent detailed example, you can go to www.weather.com/weather/local/13126 here, you will probably see an alert for flooding for the Mohawk River, caused by snowmelt and rainfall. These types of conditions are common for our type of climate, because of the large amounts of snowfall in winter, and rain in the early spring. In addition, the climate in the areas of the Nile River also affect the river's flow. For further information about the Nile's annual flooding, visit http://library.thinkquest.org/16645/the_land/nile_afn.shtml this website explains about the climate and flooding of the Nile.

-- Heather Derrigo (hderrigo@oswego.edu), April 11, 2001.

weather causes the river to have more sediments in it and it also makes the water move faster or slower so in that case the weather plays a big part of the way water flows.

-- kristi pecora (pecora04@hotmail.com), April 18, 2001.


-- Jack Montgomery (Frommie2@aol.com), November 19, 2003.

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