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Where in the United States does Mass Wasting happen, and where does it happen the most.

-- Bryan Fromm (, April 11, 2001


In class last Friday, Dr. Isley showed us a transparency that contained a map of the U.S. which had shaded areas that showed places in the U.S. where landslides are more likely to occour. These areas included parts of the west coast, and the appalachain mountains. Dr. Isley also commented that the Rocky Mountains were also an area that has a high probablilty of landslide activity. Generally, mountainous areas have the highest susceptibility, because of the steepness of the slopes. What is great, is that Dr. Isley also gave us a handout that said "LANDSLIDE HAZARDS" on the front. On the back of this handout is the same map that we viewed on the transparency in class. If you look at the diagram, you can see the regions of highest landslide probability by the darker shaded areas.

-- Heather Derrigo (, April 11, 2001.

Dear Dr. Isley, I am a Fourth Year Beng Hons Student in Dundee Scotland and i am doing a thesis on Landslides. I have to write up a report suggesting why i am doing Thesis on landslides and basically my reason why they occour. I would Be Very grateful if you would be able to assist me. I hope you do not think this very forward of me. Many Thanks, Declan Carroll.

-- Declan Carroll. (, October 06, 2001.

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