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What does your school teach about the web, web publishing and the internet? Do you have computer or web clubs for students? Do you know of any sites that publish the a sylabus or course materials for teaching about the web?

-- Terry Kearns (, April 10, 2001


I publish most of my course outline and lessons on my Web Mastering site at The Activities are at the bottom of the pages of most of the topics. Under "Other Web Classes" I have tried to post some school sites that also publish their lessons.

If anyone publishes their Web Mastering curriculum on-line (or knows of a school that does, please tell me and I'll add you to my list!

BTW, would everyone add their name, the name of their school and the state to their message? A lot of the fun I get from reading your messages is to see where you are from.

Thanks, Barbara Christopher Eisenhower High School Houston, Texaas

-- Barbara Christopher (, April 10, 2001.

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