4-D Warriors Leeching (vote, possibly)

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Okay, here goes nothing:

In 4-D Warriors, there are several "side areas", one of which is shown in the little picture used in the list of scores on it - and this is where the problem comes in.

Go into this area and ignore the heads that bounce around at the bottom of the screen - they'll stop coming after a while. The floating Darth helmets can be shot (once) for 500 points apiece, and the two masks in front of you will, if you shoot them often enough, either turn gold or dark blue. When they turn gold, you pick up points (between 500 and 2000). Since this area doesn't get any more difficult the longer you stay in it, you can easily rack up your three extra lives (30k, 70k, 100k) and keep going indefinitely without ever actually trying to beat the game.

For anyone who wants an (admittedly lousy) demonstration of this, my current recording shows it.

Should this technique be banned, or restricted (require the player to shoot at the heads that are bouncing on the ground, possibly, as this keeps them coming), or what?

Debate/etc. welcome.

Matt Denham

-- Matt Denham (peng@demongate.ath.cx), April 10, 2001

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