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I would like to know at the sea the rocks what kind of weathering is it and could you explain why it is that weathering and could anyone tell me what are weathering potholes are is it (chemical or mechanical) and could you explain to me about it.

-- J .D de Franca (, April 10, 2001


I can help you out a little~According to our book a pothole is a hemispherical hole in the bedrock of a streambed, formed by abrasion of small pebbles and cobbles in a strong current. There is a good picture in our book, figure 13.6. On page 286 in our book it states that slow abrasion is one of the major ways in which a river breaks apart and erodes rock. "The sand and pebbles carried by the river create a sandblasting action that wears away even the hardest rock." When small pebbles and cobbles rotate inside swirling eddies they grind deep potholes. This type of weathering is mechanical. Hope this was somewhat of a help.

-- Laura M. Smith (, April 16, 2001.

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