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I posted questions earlier about modeling the Central Of Georgia. I decided on building the Woodland Scenics Grand Valley Layout. I'm deciding on whether to model CSX/C&O, NS/CofG, or CofG. If I model CofG. I would like to know, did CofG use primarily Geeps or Alcos on their short freight locals? I would like to build a collection of all three roadnames. I already know alot of CSX operations and short freight local consists, as well as NS operations on the old CofG C-Line here in Newnan, but I'm still not very knowledgeable in the original operations of the CofG. I do thank David Payne for all of his C-Line knowledge. This is simply a question about the CofG's general operation standards. I feel that the Woodland Scenics Grand Valley Layout Kit is an excellent trackplan for the use of 4-axle diesels and the older 40' boxcars. Thank you for any suggestions.

Jonathan Vanover

-- Jonathan Vanover (, April 09, 2001


Jonathan, I'm putting togather the materials to build a small point-to-point CofG layout. I originally modeled the CofG after the Southern takeover circa 1970's. I then got married and moved into a small house where 6 axle locomotives and 60' freight cars required more layout space than I had available. I sold my collection and started over in CofG circa 1950's, where GP-7's, RS-3's, and 40' boxcars were the norm. (I do have one of those great looking "blimp" 50' PS-1's from Des Plaines Hobbies.) I got to "railfan" the post Southern takeover CofG (1970's), so I knew what I needed when I put my previous collection togather. When I switched to the 1950's, I was cluless. (Except for the Atlas GP-7 that I bought just at that time.) I was referred to Bob Brannin at Riverdale Station by a member of the club I was in at the time. He answered my queston and gave me a membership application for the CGRHS, which I put to good use! I then contacted Todd Horton about back issues of "The Right Way". (I guess I have those two gentlemen to thank for my collection of 2 locomotives and 11 freight cars.) All of my collection is factory painted. (I tried airbrushing myself and it was a disaster!) Todd and Bob have sent drawings and lobbied all of the major manufacturers, and have been extremely successful. (Before they did this there was NO CofG factory painted equiptment!)So my advice for going CofG on your small layout is based on this: Short equiptment runs and looks great on a small layout, CofG locomotives and rolling stock isn't released in dozens so you can stay on a budget and still keep up, the CGRHS provides great prototype information (if you're not a member, please consider joining), and the "wings" scheme on the CofG's locomotives is the best looking paint scheme ever. (OK, I know the last one was purely subjective.)

-- Richard Cole Jr. (, April 10, 2001.

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