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I am working on a project for my biomechanics course at Eastern Kentucky University. It is to include a checklist for each phase of the freestyle stroke. If anyone has any good resources, let me know.

-- erin fehling (, April 09, 2001


i am also looking for the same thing and i am in grade 12 and i am doing phyical education. for our assignment we have to write a 900 word essay on the biomechanics of swimming. the book is called austswim. teaching swimming and water safety 1994.

-- m.j.lancini (, February 24, 2002.

sorry i dont have any anserws about biomechanics of freestyle but i have an assignment on it now so if you could send me some info on the major muscle groups used in each phase it would be greatly appriceated.

-- michael (, June 07, 2002.

Are u able to send me some info about the freestyle swimmig stroke and the biomechanics involved. This info will help my complete a project used in a 7th form phyiscal education project due in at the end of this week..

This would be a great help..

Mark Williams

-- Mark Williams (, May 12, 2003.

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