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In the last month I've had two bantam roosters die in their sleep. Neither of them had appeared to be ill, and neither had any marks on them. One was still sitting upright where he had roosted, the other had fallen out of the top of the tree where he roosts. Does anyone have any ideas on why the sudden chicken deaths?

-- Green (, April 09, 2001


Did you happen to do a post mortem? How were their combs in regard to coloring? Since we've been so wet here I have been fighting what I believe to be gape worms and have lost a few. But they have shown signs of droopiness and then their combs were all off color when they died. Hope you figure out what's happened. That stinks!

-- Dreen (, April 09, 2001.

Maybe u left the chickens in the cold??? hmmm? Maybe they were frozen to death....the poor lil things. If they werent cold....maybe they were scared to death by something like an animal....Think about it...

-- Katiri Lee (, August 07, 2003.

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