looking for darkroom in london

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Hi i'm looking for basic darkroom facilities in london, north or east london if possible, i work mon-fri 9-5.30 though so evening would be great, cheap if poss! very grateful for any recommendations, thanks mike

-- Mike Steel (drmsteel@excite.co.uk), April 09, 2001


Dear Mike,

I have recently moved to London and am looking for darkroom facilities as well. Can you pass along any information that you get?



-- Kelly Meaney (kelly.meaney.5@nd.edu), December 08, 2001.

I'm compiling some information on darkroom and other photography resources in London - please let me know if you come across any information, especially if you can recomend anything personally.

I have some information which is on my site (www.mikesteel.co.uk), please note the new email address since excite are closing down

many thanks mike

-- Mike Steel (mail@mikesteel.co.uk), December 19, 2001.

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