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Made using a centuries-old process called “cold batch method.” The soap is not boiled, so the oils keep their nutritive qualities. Anyone know what this method is? Thanks, enjoy your life.

-- Deborah (, April 08, 2001


Yep. That's what lots of us make. Most recipes are cold-process.

-- Gailann Schrader (, April 09, 2001.

D -

All the recipes in books are cold-press. It simply means that it isn't boiled. Still the lye mix is hot, and the fats are melted.

If you boil oils - they burn, stick and generally smoke up the whole place. I know because some of the salves I make require me to boil the oil.

The only other thing I ever boiled was animal fat when I used to make and use my own tallow. That REALLY will stink up the house!!!!

-- Sue Diederich (, April 09, 2001.

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