What kind of Tomato's do you like most

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Just wondering what kind or variety do you like and why. Large small low acid you tell me. Its almost time to plant here in Missouri dale

-- dale (dgarr@fidnet.com), April 08, 2001


BetterBoy and Beefsteak for fresh eating. Roma for dehydrating.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.

Brandywine. their not real pretty but they taste great. They come in red pink and yellow. I like the red

-- grant (organicgrange@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.

Picking off the bush and noshing: Cherry tomatoes, specifically, Sweet Million and Yellow Pear (heirloom).

Roma/paste type: Bought some wonderful meaty, not very juicy ones but neglected to get the name from one of the farmers markets last summer. Will be looking for those again. Like Amish paste and Principe Borghese (heirloom).

Slicers: Wisconsin 55 from Jung's. Grew that and Brandywine's and Wayahead. Wayahead weren't very good, and neither were the Brandywine's in my opinion. Loved the Wisconsin 55. So did the squirrels. >:-( Bought some Brandywines (in case I was doing something wrong). Didn't like those either! Brandywines were highly rated in OG tests a few years back. Don't know what's up with that -- maybe just difference of taste preferences.

-- Joy F (So.Central Wisconsin) (CatFlunky@excite.com), April 08, 2001.

For making sauces and canning I really like Amish paste, or Roma. I like the Amish better but I can't find the plants sometimes.

For slicing and salads I like Early Girl. It really is a smidge earlier and it tastes very good. I usually have a plant or two of beefsteak too.

Stacy Rohan in Windsor, NY where I can't even till the garden yet.

-- Stacy Rohan (KincoraFarm@aol.com), April 08, 2001.

Till the garden? I still have 18 inches of snow on it. For our colder climate (Memorial Day for planting tomatoes) we like Early Girl and if you don't mind a little smaller variety try Fourth of July.

-- David in NH (grayfoxfarm@mcttelecom.com), April 08, 2001.

I love Early Girls. The taste right out of the garden, the ease of peeling, and they grow 6 feet high and stay green and healty all the way till December if we don't get a frost. When they come in, I eat about 12 a day, just sliced and salted on a plate. Or with just a little italian dressing and crackers. I'll have hundreds of little tomatoe plants come up in the garden soon. I usually have 100 feet of them, 6 foot high. Yummmmmm.

-- Cindy in Ky (solidrockranch@hotmail.com), April 08, 2001.

For taste & consistency, we love Big Beef. I'm trying two new-to-me plum tomatoes this year, Red Agate and something I can't remember the name of, both from Johnny's. We like Sweet Million and Yellow Pear cherry tomatoes, too. We grow my Grandma's huge pink tomatoes for my dad and to save the seed. Dad loves them, we think they are only okay. They are meaty though, so I add them to my sauces. I've got them all growing indoors now, to be planted out in early May. I bought that 4-shelf growing rack with the thick plastic cover and I'm really happy with it! Keeps the kitties out and warmth & humidity in. The seedlings are growing very well.

-- Jean (schiszik@tbcnet.com), April 08, 2001.

Better Boy, Early Girl, Brandywine , and Roma. Trying a need one this year.. Oregon Spring.

-- Lynn(MO) (mscratch1@semo.net), April 08, 2001.

I like viva italian for dehydrating,salsa and sauce. I like whopper and big beef for slicing. I always put out a couple of early girls under milk jugs so I can have a ripe mater befor my neighbor. I think I'd rather grow tomatoes than eat them. Good luck with yours.sherry in arkansas

-- sherry (chickadee259@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.

Old Brooks, which is an old timer. Heirloom, open pollenated. It is a good canner, and also a good slicer.

-- Ed Copp (OH) (edcopp@yahoo.com), April 08, 2001.

I like a mater with lots of acid im trying abe lincoln for my new one then early girl and rutlage bob se.ks

-- Bobco (bobco@hit.net), April 08, 2001.

"Matt's Wild Cherry" from Johnny's Seeds. Small harvest, big plant, but the flavor is amazing.

-- Paul Wheaton (paul@javaranch.com), April 08, 2001.

Earlygirl last all summer to late fall here in NC, like them for canning. My favorite for flavor and sandwich is BRANDYWINE. I think GOLITH is also very good. Sweetmilliom for pickin an eatin. These are my 4 favorites and in the last 40 years I`ve tried about all of them. Don

-- DON (dessertmaker2000@hotmail.com), April 08, 2001.

#1 Brandywine. #2 Sungold- this is a golden cherry tomato and it is a hybrid, the only hybrid I will grow. I also liked Nova. Awhile ago I bought a homegrown tomato from a grocery store, It was simply labeled as 'low acid tomatoes'. It was a slightly streaky golden-orange maybe with spots of red. It was one of the best tomatoes I've ever had, maybe better than Brandywine. Wish I knew what it was!

-- Rebekah Leaf (daniel1@itss.net), April 08, 2001.

My favorite is Amish paste. You really can do anything with it. Great flavor for sauce, it's even big enough for slicing. My favorite cherries are Sungold and Sweetie. I like Brandywine if it's a nice sunny,hot year--they are outstanding then, but in a cool,rainy year like last year, they were a bit wimpy. I also like good old Rutgers. Good for canning and juice. Last year I grew Viva Italia, lots of paste tomatoes, but Amish paste way surpassed them in flavor.

-- vicki g. (nw ohio) (thga76@aol.com), April 09, 2001.

I like Amish Paste, Early Girl, and Better Boy. I tried the Brandywine a couple of years ago. We really disliked them. My tomato plants are about 3 inches high under the lights. Won't plant till about May 10th. good luck with yours.

-- Winona in MO (thompsonwin45@hotmail.com), April 09, 2001.

Celebrity tomato's very good. Gotta love those Grainger County tomato's.

-- Judy (inhishand65@yahoo.com), April 09, 2001.

Dona French--the best gourmet taste ever and very uniform and productive. We tried Brandywine one year but not enough leaves for hot dry So.Mo. they did extrememly poorly while the Dona French,Goliath,Rutgers,Amish Paste and Celebrity kept on going. We try a couple new varities every year though...never know what will be our new favorite!! DEE

-- Diana R.Smith (mutti66@hotmail.com), April 09, 2001.

Cherries, Black Krims, and Purple Cherokees!

-- debra in ks (solid-dkn@msn.com), April 09, 2001.

My personal favorite is Park Whopper Improved from Park Seed Co. They are a nice smooth fairly large very good tasting tomato. These are my husband's favorite too and even my mother-in-law declared they were the best she had ever had.

-- Betty Shaw (perkbj@tusco.net), April 09, 2001.

Rose from Johnny's. More acidic than some of the newer ones, and not so big, but I really like the flavor.

-- glynnis in KY (gabbycab@msn.com), April 09, 2001.

Thanks for the answers. dale

-- dale (dgarr@fidnet.com), April 09, 2001.

Ohh! Lots of wonderful tomatoes. I like Early Girl and Celebrity for slicing. Viva Italian and Roma's for sauces, paste and canning. Yellow Plum are super and the little yellow tomatoes don't split like Yellow Pear, keep longer and are less acidic. I also like Prudence Purple, Amish, and several heirloom varieties. Happy planting!

-- Marie (imacountrygirl4ever@yahoo.com), April 12, 2001.

For paste, sauces and juices we like the Amish Paste (heirloom). Large paste tomato with few seeds, great taste.

Other paste t.'s that we grow include Italiana and Roma, Both dine very very laste year in the garden.

Fresh eating, Beefstek, Betterboy and Mr. Stripey

We put out 200 plus plants last year, we ate and canned until we couldn't anymore and what was left over was feed to the hogs.

-- Rich (pntbeldyk@wirewfire.com), April 13, 2001.

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