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This is one of many posts of Zoo's in the USA taking percautions about H&MD. Guess we weren't quite as bizarre in our thinking (closing herds) as some thought! Vicki

Phoenix Zoo takes steps against foot-and-mouth disease

> Associated Press > April 06, 2001 08:30:00

> MESA - Concerns about foot-and-mouth disease are causing some changes at the Phoenix Zoo and farms where people are allowed to mingle with animals.

> By Monday, the zoo expects to have signs up asking visitors who have traveled outside the country within five days to avoid contact with animals.

> Those asking for behind-the-scenes tours will be questioned about their travels to ensure they have not come in contact with the virus, said zoo spokeswoman Aimee Barwegan. > Goats and other animals often taken into the community for education programs will not be allowed to leave, she said.

> "From what we understand, the risk is quite small," said Barwegan. "The thing is to remember we're definitely in a situation where we don't feel we need to be alarmed about it." > The zoo is only the latest Arizona organization to take precautions against the disease, which has led to the destruction of thousands of animals in Europe. > Federal officials are making sure any European arrivals to the state are properly examined. Flights from London and Frankfurt arrive daily at Sky Harbor International Airport. > The U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs officials are increasing staff and X-raying bags for meat and seeking out any items that may have been contaminated. > The disease can remain in the nasal passages of people for up to 28 hours and can be transmitted by items that touch contaminated soil, like shoes.

> While harmless to humans, the disease destroys the hoofs of animals and causes mouth blisters that ruin their appetite. The disease has not been seen in the United States since 1929. > At Dugans Dairy in Chandler, animals used for public tours, including goats and cows milked by hand, are not allowed near the working dairy cows. Visitors who recently came from another country are being prohibited from visiting. > The owners of Queen Creek's Schnepf Farms say they will probably curtail any visits by international visitors.

> "I think it's absolutely devastating," said Mark Schnepf. "We have some friends that are recreational farmers in England, and it's coming close to just wiping them out."

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), April 07, 2001


Just read were the last 100 schoonbeker sheep in the WORLD are going to be slaughtered [ or have been already]in europe. and many other rare breeds are threatened.another variety lost. what a sad day.

-- kathy h (ckhart55@earthlink.net), April 07, 2001.

Wow.... and Kathy - you brought tears to my eyes... I was afraid it would happen, but hoped against hope that it wouldn't.

Questions for anyone who would know..... Something I am really NOT inclined to believe, but need to ask:

The Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina (all of which have FMD)among others, are major exporters to our country of cut flowers. Someone told me that flowers are considered under different rules than regular agricultural products.

First of all - if this is true, WHY?????

Second, we HAVE stopped importing the cut flowers??

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), April 09, 2001.

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