F4S 1+1 comfort when double riding?

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Has anyone heard anything about the ease of riding the 1+1 with 2 people?? My girl is always asking to ride, and I hate riding my Honda929RR because I constantly think about the MV sitting in the garage.

Was thinking if it wasn't too bad in the wrist killing department I'd consider a BiPosto......

What has everyone heard?

-- Jeremy (jriga@mac.com), April 07, 2001


Dude! If riding with your girl is a high priority then get a BMW. Italian sport bikes are for riding FAST. Add 100+ pounds to the back seat and not only will your wrists be sore but your arms, legs and back when you slide off into a corner. Trust me on this. The F4 is a one up machine. Consider getting your girl a bike to ride her self and perhaps she will see how much fun she is missing.

-- Tim Willard (Provamo35@aol.com), April 07, 2001.

I must totally disagree with the last answer. I bought the F4 as a monoposto and just recently converted it to a 1+1, it handles extremely well, and except for tight manouvering at slow speeds the passenger does not add much effort to the riding.

-- Miguel Bartoli (bartoli@gate.net), April 08, 2001.

my gf said that her inner thighs are very sore from riding at the back of my F4S 1+1 coz i think the seat at the back is really wide and not suppose for sitting. the handling is a huge different with a passnger at the back tho, but still acceptable, of cors it is much much more fun to ride alone! Yes my back and my wrists were kinda hurting. btw, she weighs about 108lbs, 5'6" tall.

-- EricInHongKong (eric.wong@cyberdude.com), April 10, 2001.

Ask any one who tried the Ducati916/996/748 biposto. Personally, I think your girlfriend would prefer a convertible sports car. Or get her a bike. That's what I did. ;>

-- Takie Chan (tchan748@yahoo.com), April 11, 2001.

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