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To those who are wondering what this is it is a place where the words of Jesus will reveal how the Catholic Church is apostate and untrue. Anyone who desires to use the word of God to reveal truth, in Jesus name I encourage you. God is moving to save souls, the Catholic church is hindering many from being saved, because of their traditions. Jesus Christ never mentiond a hierchy such as the Catholic church claims, though they referr to Peter, Jesus was referring to himself as the rock of our salvation. Have a blessed day day brothers as time permits I will respond God willing! Have a blessed day in Jesus name!

-- Alex saved by Jesus (, April 06, 2001


YES, YOU KNOW THE TRUTH! The last 2000 years have all been an apostasty just waiting for you're wisdom. Please Alex, share your truth with us mortals.

On the Great Spaceship to Mormonia,

Alex the King of Kings

-- Your (a@raving.lunatic), April 07, 2001.

Sometimes it takes a raving lunatic to echo words of wisdom and common sense to those "true" Christians who know the "truth". Christianity is much more than quoting the Bible and misinterpreting it. Please explain how the universal Church's traditions prevent salvation. Please try to make sense. If you can't make sense, ask a Catholic clergy member to explain something to you, don't make it up and label it "authorized and valid because I love Jesus", or as the great charasmatic-cult-creator Joseph Smith would say, "Why can't a New York con-man like myself be a prophet of Jesus?" Show some proof of your blatantly ignorant allegations. There are one billion-- emphasis on the "billion"--Catholics in this world. Surely someone as learned as you can locate one out of a billion and ask them why you don't understand what you obviously do not.

-- Ad Altare Dei (, April 08, 2001.

Jesus siad I am the way the truth and the life, he didn't mention Catholic church once, pugatory, popes, that anyone could prophecy. I ask you do you know what tomarrow holds if so I should follow you and every other man that tells me I need them. If I was on an island, could I worship God, as John did in reveltions, thus being we don't need a religious for our God is everywhere. Popes have killed, Jesus never did and yet you are asking me to explain the errors of the Catholic church. The fact that they would follow "1 billion" would follow an ungodly man shows not only that many are lost in their sin, but that many aren't hungering for truth. Is that to say Catholics can't be saved, no that is to say unrepentant sinners in Jesus name can't be saved. In the end a relationship with Jesus Christ is what matters to God, not a church of uneeded traditions. Have a blessed day as Jesus loves you and can put peace in your heart and he alone!!

-- Jesusistheway (, July 11, 2001.

The very Bible you quote to criticize the catholic Church was put together by the Catholic Church at the councils of Carthage(397AD) and Hippo(401AD). How can you accept it if it is from the Apostate Church? Also, 2 Thessalonians 2:15 states to hold on to traditions passed down, both oral and written. Booyah!

-- Andrew Boyd (, January 29, 2003.

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