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Was wondering if anyone here has used Robert Vandal's Sampler books? If so, I'd appreciate hearing how they were used and received. Thanks.

Gretchen in IL

-- Gretchen T. (, April 06, 2001


The book is worth using, but some pieces definitely shine above others! (I like #'s 7,9, 11, & 12....4 is good for hyperactive boys!) Many pieces are highly patterned and could be taught by rote at earlier levels. The biggest benefit of this book is using the pieces as a basis for further improvisations. Number 1 (book 1) isn't anything stellar, but the LH ostinato is simple enough to allow the RH a chance to create variations on it's pattern. Number 7 & 12 of the same book offers a chance to work on graceful arm-crossings and could easily lead to other ideas. Number 7 & 9 sound much harder than they are to play, so these are good for transfers when you want to use simpler music to work on technique.

-- John Bisceglia (, April 07, 2001.

I have used the Sacred Sampler a little. Vandall's music is excellent. The suggestions for improvisation are musical, and don't sound like warmed-over "heart and soul."

-- Jon Ensminger (, April 14, 2001.

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