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When did the last steam train run along the Saluda Grade in NC? Also, when did the last passenger train run along the grade?

-- Monica Jones (, April 06, 2001


The last time a Steam Train defeated Saluda was on November 13, 1994, pulled by Norfolk and Western class-J 4-8-4 611. This was less than a month before the total termination of NS steam. I'm not totally certain about the passenger train thing, but check out Jim Wrinn's Steam's Camelot for more info on Steam trips up Saluda. Hope this helps somewhat. Good Luck!

-- Hayes Smith Jr. (, April 10, 2001.

I have in front of me a copy of August 1950 TRAINS, page 7, upper right, with a photo of the 611... caption reads...

"Regardless of the general trend, Norfolk & Western doesn't give a hoot about diesels. As proof, here is the newest Roanoke-built locomotive, J-class 4-8-4 No. 611. Born May 29, the Northern is the first of series 611-613. Here she gets a rubdown prior to official photos at Roanoke."

My, My, My...... ain't NS a great corporate citizen.

-- Pete wenk (, April 11, 2001.

I dont really know the awnsers to theese questions. I am just sorry that they have retired the 611 which I rode on in 1985. I think they should have kept it going a fan of it in south east Kansas.

-- Kenneth E. Wilson (, September 19, 2001.

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