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In 1955 the uk unemployment rate was 1.5%, in 1982 it was 13% and 1n 1993 it was 23%. can you give an explaination for such variations? And what is the main reason for the current low rate at 3.4%?

pleacould you answer asap>

Cheers paul willoughby

-- paul willoughby (tra00pkw@sheffield.ac.uk), April 05, 2001


Hello, for my Business Studies essay, I need to find out 'Information about the unemployment in Sheffield and the rate of unemployment too?' Also would you have any information on websites on the above question and unemployment in the Uk at the moment. Thankyou for your help

-- Amanda Ebster (sebbystar2000@hotmail.com), November 12, 2001.

Please give a short description of the changes in the job situation in sheffield(unemployment)... please give me a quickly answer ,because i need it tomorrow !!!Please ,Julia

-- Julia (ingoschulzdiezweite@web.de), February 27, 2003.

You would like about The great depression in France : Economic issues, employment, unemployment, price level, investment... Please , if possible, show me figures and graphs related.

-- Jean Pierre (tinejpm@hotmail.com), November 17, 2004.

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