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If you have not seen this before. The MV importer in the UK is recalling all bikes for a faulty oil filter.

I have personally suffered the faulty oil filter, twice, all before this news. Ask your US dealer to check if you are suffering oil leaks.

Also as far as the riding position goes, you might want to try the Ferracci riser bars. I've read that Foggy flips his standard clipons to improve the ride, so there shouldn't be any "sissy bar" comments.

-- mod (, April 05, 2001


Well the bike is back at the shop after a 300 mile attempt to find a comfortable riding position. Had the bike for 2 months and it is back on the for sale block. Out of seven bikes it is the most uncomfortable bike I have ever and I do mean ever. Not only my opionion but two of my riding buddies who thought I was just making a fuss out of nothing refused to ever ride it again after each rode it for 20 minutes. And the stalling problem persists and I have to baby the throttle to keep it from stalling when slowing down. If it wasn't for the bulit proof Aprilia I would swear off Italians forever.

-- Brian Mason (, April 19, 2001.

Wow.......that bad. I have a 2000F4S and I honestly consider it to be the most comfortable bike I have. At 6' tall and 180lbs it fits me like a glove. It CAN be hard on the wrists after awhile......but no where near as bad as my Honda RC51.


-- Jeremy (, April 21, 2001.

Well it has been a while since I checked this page and I thought I would update you on the MV. It is gone and a 2001 Aprilia Yellow RSV R Mille has taken its place. The person who bought the bike is under 5' 7" and had the bike lowered to get a comfortable stance so his feet could touch the ground. As far as the MV being better comfort than the RC51 I would have to differ on that opinion. I own a 996, VFR 800, 929, RC51, Aprilia and Road King. The MV was the worst. The king of the garage is a tie between the Aprilia and the RC51. I just say the MV was an oppertunity that I pasted onto someone else.

P.S. When I was cleaning up the bike before I sold it I removed the body work to remove the residual oil from the oil leak and found a blistered and melted right lower body panel. Good luck.

-- Brian Mason (, June 08, 2001.

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