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I used the Total Gym 2000, the one advertised by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. All was going well, but I may have hurt my chest by doing one of the exercises.

I had the slide board positioned around 40 degrees, and i was lying on it face down. i would then do pullups like the standard overhand pull up.

As I pulled, the sliding board would move me up the inclined plane and as I got to the top I would have to sometimes stretch my neck and head up to avoid running headfirst into the top of the exercise machine.

Anyway, around january 2nd of this year i did a workout and when i got done with that exercise, i felt a soreness in the breastbone area and a burning feeling. This has since subsided as i stopped exercising, but every once in a while when i turn my head to the right and stretch my right arm out and back, i get a pulling or straining sensation in the upper right quadrant and around the breast bone.

Now, even when this first happened, i had no shortness of breath, no pain other than muscular aches that you might feel. I feel no dizziness, or lack of appetite, i havent passed out. i sleep fine, i walk 40 minutes a day at a brisk pace, etc, etc, so to me it seems like a tore something or strained something etc....

any ideas?

-- frank tomasic (, April 04, 2001


I have a similar pain on the left side of my chest, kind of a burning, sore muscle pain that starts along the side of the breast bone and extens under my arm.

I also have a corresponding, or at least conincident pain, along the inside of my left shoulder blade. Both go away when I am laying down, are worst when I sit for long periods, and lessen if I walk aroudn for 20 minutes or more after sitting. Nothing else seems to be wrong- like framk I have no shortness of breath of dizziness or anything. I have no idea how I did this, there was no one incident, but I would love ideas on what it might be or how t help with healing. Meghan

-- meghan quinlivan (, February 07, 2002.

Unfortunately I have no answers, but suffer from a chest pain on the left hand side of my chest. There is pain down the left hand side of the breastbone, which also extends towards the left armpit. I think this injury may have happened doing yoga, (trying to hold a pose in the position of a cow and pushing myself too far. I have had this pain since November 2001 - it is now September 2002. I have had blood tests and am awaiting an electro nerve conductivity test, but there has yet been no mention of physiotherapy from either my GP or the hospital. I have not been able to do much exercise since November, as running aggravates the pain. I have not done any more yoga and am reluctant to try swimming. I do not get short of breath when I go walking, but the pain does ease off when I am lying down. Also, there does not appear to be any great loss of strength as I can lift my 18 month old son up (he weighs about 35lbs), but then my chest really hurts. The length of time this has been going on is relly wearing me down, which is affecting me by making me tired and miserable. I am absolutely desperate to sort this out!!!!!!!!!!

-- Gavin Breaks (, September 08, 2002.

Sadly, i can't contribute to what this is, however, i have the same exact problems you three have. No shortness of breath or numbness on the 'leftside', had an EKG (which is worthless anyway) after i went to the doc and told her about the chest pain, while i had flu like symptoms. i'm convinced it's not a heart related issue b/c it's to muscular (as previously mentioned, left side of the breastbone to the left armpit, sometimes extending to the left side of my upper back). i play racquetball, but can't recall anything i did to cause this. maybe this will help, but i did read somewhere that racket sports can cause this. I'm right handed, and they say that the shoulder rotation on that side can sometimes cause damage to the left chest muscles. i don't know, but like Gavin said, it does make me miserable and i'd love to have to go away. My doc did give me some arthrites meds, but that didn't seem to help, nor does advil or aspirin. anyone know what this could be?????

-- Michael Svec (, January 01, 2003.

also no answer. Have had severe chest pains apparently attributed to farm labor (post hole digging and shed construction), later overdoing incline weight lifting and finally to sneezes while sitting down.

I have seen three doctors who sent me to physical therapists, who were minimally helpfull. Lately I have been taking steam at least twice daily together with stretching and some muscle building with the idea that if it hurts don't do it.

At night I take ibuprofen and tylenol in order to sleep but often wake up with some pain. Sitting brings on additional pain. The injury has not restricted my activities, skiing and golf or any movement.

Lately the first injury seems to be getting better, however I have developed two additional pectoralis strain, in my back and on my left front. Intend to continue to work or them in the same way as the original.

ron goldsand age 75

-- ron goldsand (, January 23, 2003.

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