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Atlas O is coming out with their new 50 foot single door box cars and one of the roads is C of G. They just posted the photos of the car on their web site. It looks really nice in the black and silver watermelon (oval) scheme, car # 5548, I believe. There will be two road numbers. Car is supposed to be available in May, 2000. I assume this is a correct road number and scheme for a 50-footer. Can someone confirm this. Atlas is usually very good with prototypical schemes. Brian Johnston

-- Brian Johnston (, April 04, 2001


In case some of you hadn't noticed, the Atlas CofG boxcars in O scale hit the store's shelves this last month. They are beautiful! Better get them while they last.

-- Randy Young (, July 15, 2001.


The photo on Atlas' web site shows road number 5548, which is a correct number. The Central had two different lots of these cars. Cars 5500-5999 (delivered in 1954) had aluminum roofs, while 1500- 1999 (delivered in 1956) had black roofs.

The CGRHS supplied Atlas with stencil drawings of the lettering and a number of photographs to help ensure that the car was done accurately.

All of the CofGa drawings refer to the silver oval design as a "blimp."

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (, April 04, 2001.

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