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I have EZ CD creator 4.0 Deluxe, and no matter what MPEG encoder I use, I cannot seem to get past the "The input multimedia file is not a Video CD (White Book) compatible MPEG stream" message. The different encoder programs I have used are: Flask Tmpeg avi2vcd Xing

None of these help. I have made sure that they are set to convert to MPEG-1 stream and setting are on Video CD format, but it still does not help. What should I do? Is Nero 5 worth looking into? Cheers

-- Akeet Patel (, April 03, 2001


I use video wave II that came with my Easy CD Creator delux 4. I capture video as AVI ( setting video size is important here ). I have been using TMPGEnc lately to convert to V CD. works great.

-- John Yourich (, April 03, 2001.

When using TMPGEnc, down forget to load the appropriate VCD templet.

-- me (, April 04, 2001.

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