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Has anyone heard the Barenaked Ladies medley, "Every Song We've Ever Done?" Could they be any cooler? Seriously, could they? Tell me if there's a cooler band around, cause I don't think there is.

-- Angela (, April 03, 2001


No. Maybe. Okay, probably not. Fat Elvis.

-- The Archangel Mikey G. (, April 04, 2001.

Rubber bands can be pretty cool, especially if they're left in the fridge.

-- Casheeish the 20 year old (, April 04, 2001.

Rubber bands last longer if kept refrigerated. Isn't that great?

-- Haley (, April 09, 2001.

The Bare Nkaed Ladies could NOT be any cooler. There are no cooler bands around (except for the aforementioned rubber band. POSSIBLY.)

-- Anna (, April 28, 2001.

"Rubber bands last longer if kept refrigerated." But snap when frozen... Must find a happy medium.

-- darcy (, October 22, 2001.

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