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Hope you can help....have you in your magazine covered the Lawndale RR interchange with the SAL???know anyone modeling the Lawndale RR in On30??? Hope you can help Joel Norman

-- Joel Norman (, April 03, 2001


The Blue Ridge Stemwinder issue was more than a couple of years ago, but I found it. Volume 4, No. 2, Fall 1991. The issue is exclusively Lawndale. It contains several photos of Lawndale and SAL steam taken at the SAL junctions in Lawndale in 1942. The back cover has maps and track diagrams of significant locations, including the SAL interchanges in both Shelby and Lawndale. If you can't locate the issue contact me off list. Hope this helps.

-- Sandy Bridges (, April 07, 2001.

Below is a address to a site that sells a book on the Lawndale RR

-- Alan Ashworth (, April 05, 2001.

I am fairly sure the Blue Ridge Stemwinder devoted an entire issue to the Lawndale a couple of years ago. I will check at home tonight for the issue number. The Blue Ridge Stemwinder is the magazine published for and about the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR. It is published and edited by John Waite, for the ET&WNC Historical Society. You may want to go to the Tweetsie group on Yahoogroups and post your question. You should be able to find out that way whether back issues are available.

-- Sandy Bridges (, April 05, 2001.

Joel.... Jim King (Smoky Mountain Model Works in Asheville NC) is a tweetsie modeler but at one time he and I talked about his bringing out something or another for the Lawndale. I don't think we've ever dwealt much on the was gone by 1945 (actually turned into a trucking company)but it's always been a fascination of mine, too.

Hope this helps a little.

Buck Dean Membership Director ACL&SAL HS

-- Buck Dean (, April 04, 2001.


The ALL TIME INDEX lists an article on the Lawndale RR in the April 1943 issue of Railroad magazine. This is the only listing I see for this line.

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, April 03, 2001.

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