what happens if i've got no job do they still pursue??????

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i'm being harrassed so much by lender, who now apparently knows where i work that i am seriously thinking about jacking in my job as wage i get is not good anyway (just about covers my bills) however lender wouldn't know this as i have never ever filled in i & e form. can lender therefore just put an aoe on my wages? as if they were to do this it wouldn't be worth me going to work as no doubt after they would have taken their ridiculous instalment i might not even be able to cover my bills so i might as well jack it in now. can you tell me is this how it works? & what would happen if i hadn't got a job, what course of action would lender pursue then?

-- jenny truman (jentru@freeserve.co.uk), April 02, 2001


Essentially yes. You still 'owe' them the money. Some useful points though, are 1. If you are being harassed, write to them and ask them to stop. Tell them they are jeopardising your income. They did this to me, this is the action I took, and it worked. 2. In theory lender can get an attachment order on your earnings, but the level would have to be decided by a court, who would doubtless take into account your bills etc (within reason - the yacht will have to go!). 3. I wouldn't recommend anybody choosing unemployment. If you did become unemployed the lender may back-off for a while, but they are like elephants... they don't forget. You need to deal with them. Look around the page and start the fight-back.

Good Luck

-- Andy Turner (andy.turner@ramesys.com), April 02, 2001.

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