Washing Machine strainer

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I was reading the most recient issue and found something about a filter that attaches to the washing machine to catch the clothing fibers that are sent down to septic. Would someone help me locate a source for these things? I would like to know more about them.

-- Ed Holt (goat@sssnet.com), April 02, 2001


use a nylon tied to the end of your hose,,works great. Or, , run a line to the outside,, let it run right on the ground,, its just grey water,, and as long as you dont use alot of chemicals in the wash,, it wont hurt a thing

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), April 02, 2001.

I used to use a nylon...

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), April 02, 2001.

Ed. I ordered one of those strainers and had it installed and was amazed to note how much lint got trapped in it. In my mind it was worth the money, but if someone knows a homemade way to get the same effect that's even better. I got it off the net and the link is below. This is a great page to bookmark for anyone with a septic system and needs to do a little troubleshooting. http://www.septicprotector.com/

-- Carole (carle@earthlink.net), April 03, 2001.

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