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Is there a way to vent a volcano to maybe delay an eruption?

-- Ben Flaiz (flaiz76@hotmail.com), April 01, 2001


Pages 110 - 113 in the text discuss this type of thing. It specifically states that it's unlikely we'll ever be able to control an eruption, but it does mention a semi - successful attempt to control the lava flow by spraying it with seawater to cool it down. I think the answer to your question is "no"... especially because the work surrounding the study of volcanoes is already so dangerous.

-- Hillary Millman (millman@oswego.edu), April 03, 2001.

In class we learned that you can't control a volcanic eruption. You also can't tell when it is going to erupt unless you observe the volcano all the time.

-- Shannon Davis (september_29_81@yahoo.com), April 04, 2001.

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