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As announced in the March/April issue of View Camera Magazine, Ilford has discontinued production of Delta 400 in sheet film formant. Too bad; I was looking forward to testing the new formulation. D4 never achieved a true EI greater than 250 and I was hoping the new emulsion would get to its published EI. At least HP-5+ is still available and Ilford has no plans to end prodution.

-- Michael D Fraser (, April 01, 2001


Oh well. HP5+ is nicer in character anyway. I am looking forward to trying the new emulsion Delta 400 in 35mm as HP5+ can be a little grainy at a 9x12 enlargement. But for 120 and 4x5 it's HP5+ all the way. Would have been nice to have the option anyway.

-- Kenneth Eckert (, April 27, 2001.

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