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Hi, Just wondering if there are any WY folks out there who have suggestions for growing watermelons and other melons here in Casper? Also, how do you protect your corn from blowing-down? I'm finally getting a garden in this year...just got the area tilled..was where my goats and sheep had been kept. I know it's too early to plant outdoors, any suggestions for veggies that will do well here? (Over 5,000'). Thanks,


-- Deborah (, March 31, 2001


Punch ATTRA, a free service of the US dept. of Ag., they have info for everything, farm animals, crops, ect. Any search engine.

-- mitch hearn (, March 31, 2001.


While an informative site I'm looking for folks who are familiar with Wyoming and dealing with the peculiarities of this area. Thank you though.

-- Deborah (, April 01, 2001.

I'm not from Wyoming, but my family has some friends there... Look up Alex Mitich in the phone book and tell him that Pat Miramonti (my Mom) told you to call (Pat Angeloff, if he doesn't remember my married name.)

His dad and my Grandfather grew up in the coal camps (Cambria) which isn't all THAT far from you... They owned an unGodly amount of land, (over half a million acres - including Red Butte... its in the back yard, house is still standing, but I don't know if they own that one anymore). Ranched and farmed it. Real old-fashioned farming family.

Hope this helps - and if you DO call..... tell them we all said HI!!!

-- Sue Diederich (, April 02, 2001.

Deborah, I live in Casper, I grew a garden last year and had corn although I put it in to late and did not get any ears, but they didn't blow over to badly and when they did they straightend up again. I don't think watermelon will grow here, the season is to short! My beets did really well as did beans and peas. the trick is to start them early and inside if you have the room. We're going to build our house this year, we are out off Coal Creek road, where are you? How long have you lived here? we have been here for two years. Well I guess thats enough for now, hope to hear from you soon. Linda

-- linda (, April 03, 2001.

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