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I've been trying to create VCDs (with format like those Movies VCD I bought from HK) out of my old avi and mpg files converted from digital tapes. I have CD-R drive and Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 software. I've checked over this forum but still could't sum-up a simple way of working it out! I found no 'VCD' selection in my Adaptec software. I've also tried simply burn the CD with just the Mpeg files on but it couldn't be played back in my VCD player (although it does, of course, in my computer). Can anybody give me a clear step by step way to do it, please

-- K aieykc (, March 31, 2001


I have EZ CD Creator 4 and you're right, it doesn't have the VCD feature. EZ CD Creator 3 does but it sucks, hardly ever works. You need Nero 5 to burn the mpeg, but first you need TMPGEnc to make your mpegs VCD compliant (which takes 3-4 hours for a one and a half hour movie). Before asking more questions, go to it has ALL the answers you need for everything that has to do with VCD and it has a forum. I'm new to VCD also, but in the last few days by reading that site i've found out how to make vcd's out of any kind of file and play it in my standalone DVD player. So go check it out.

-- denis mazerolle (, March 31, 2001.

Perhaps you don't have Easy CD Creator 4.0 Deluxe. Only Deluxe comes with VCD Creator.

-- Simon (, March 31, 2001.

perhaps you didnt try sucking your nuts?

-- james awesome (, April 02, 2001.

Heheh, ok for one thing you can't just simply burn you MPG onto a CD- R/CD-RW and expect your VCD/DVD stand-alone player to read it like a VCD and play it for you. :P First of all your video has to be in MPEG-1 format, not MPEG-2, MPEG-1. Second, it has to be VCD compliant, i.e. 352x240 resolution for NTSC or 352x288 for PAL. Use a freeware program like TMPGenc which will convert and encode your videos into a VCD compliant MPEG-1 format. Then use a program called Nero (also freeware) to burn you VCD, which sets your CD up in a special way which condones it as a VCD (see, this is what makes a VCD a VCD). Then, voila. Easy?

Here it is again in steps:

1. Take your AVI/MPG videos and stick them in TMPGenc and encode them into a VCD compliant format. (Just click load and load up a VCD format. NTSC or PAL, depending on where you live; NTSC for North America and PAL for HK and basically almost everywhere else :P).

2. Use Nero to burn them onto a CD-R. (Some DVD/VCD stand-alone players don't recognize CD-RW, so just stick with CD-R).

Tip: Stay away from the Gold coloured CD-Rs for making your VCDs. Sure they're the best for storing DATA, but when it comes to audio and VCDs, gold is a big no no. For audio music CDs, some CD players can't read Gold and for most CD players that CAN play Gold coloured CDs, the bass doesn't sound quite right. :P With VideoCDs (VCD), Gold doesn't play in MOST DVD/VCD stand-alone players, so stay from those. Most DVD/VCD stand-alone players can't even recognize Gold coloured CDs.

Super Tip: Stick to the Blue and Green coloured CD-R!!!!!!!

-= The VidKid =-

-- Darien Joseph (D.J.) Angelus Goodspeed (, April 03, 2001.

I have had no problems using Easy CD Creator 4 to make a video Cd. But I have found that different discs presents different results. The best so far was Memeorex CDR/RW. The worst by far was PNY CDR.

-- Jerry Talbert (, April 04, 2001.

Hi! how to start create VCD with adaptec and how to saved it

-- Angelica (, June 25, 2002.

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