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I just got my call to Porto Portugal this week. Does anyone have any sound advice for me? What to take and what to buy when I get there? SLC, UT Thanks in advance.

-- Michael Muir (, March 30, 2001


The papers the send you are pretty good at telling you what you'll need. You might want to bring extra garments though. Sometimes in the winter it takes a week for your laundry to dry. Not many people use dryers there because of the cost. It rains alot in the winter and you'll be wet constantly. Your clothes take a long time to dry. I can remember not seeing the sun for over two months straight because of rain. You might also bring two pairs of thermal garments for sleeping (no central heating). With two pairs you can rotate them in the wash. That's all I can remember. It's not a third world country. They have pretty much everything else you'll need. That is unless you're tall and have big feet.

-- Brent Thomas (, April 20, 2001.

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