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WASHINGTON [MENL] -- Lebanon's Hizbullah movement, confronting Israeli troops along a tense border, has obtained advanced military equipment smuggled from the United States.

Hizbullah obtained such systems as night-vision goggles, global positioning devices, mine detection and radar equipment, cellphones and cameras for use to monitor Israeli troops along the southern Lebanese border. Other equipment bought in and smuggled from the United States included stun guns and blasting equipment.

An indictment by a federal grand jury in Charlotte, N.C. has indicted 18 people on charges of supplying the equipment to Hizbullah. None of the Hizbullah defendants named in the indictment is in custody.

"The defendants planned to acquire a variety of items that Hizbullah would use to engage in violent attacks and to film such attacks for use in Hezbollah propaganda efforts," the indictment said.

-- Martin Thompson (, March 30, 2001

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