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I would assume that erosion of land by water plays a significant role in mass wasting? Or is mass wasting just how gravity effects an already steep slope?

-- Philip R Reitz (, March 30, 2001


I do not believe so. Erosion of land by water is a geological process by which movement of material can be moved to another area but according to page 232 in our book mass wasting only includes all of the processes by which masses of rock and soil move downhill under the influence of gravity. It will eventually be carried away by other transporting agents but mass wasting just deals with gravity. Mass wasting can effect steep slopes but there are also a couple of other factors that can effect it. Such as the instability of the slope, the amount of water in the material (how porous the rock is), and whether it is consolidated or unconsolidated. Our book talks about this on page 233

-- Laura Smith (, April 01, 2001.

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