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As an SCL/FLRS/SBD/CSX employee, I have acquired a log book from the old TUS before it was renovated. I used to work Passenger trains from there both north to Jax and south to ST Pete. The book contains a log of all daily arrivals and departures of passenger trains at TUS between March 1, 1915 and September 3, 1915. A short description of each train consist:postal, express, baggage, coaches, and named sleepers. Also any special cars. The trains were ACL, SAL, T&GCRR, TNRR. If the society is interested in acquiring this book for their collection and further research, i would be glad to part with it.

Itried unsuccessfully to interest the TUS people about it, so as an employee and an avid railfan, i am willing to let the society have it.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. BTW it measures 12"x16" and is heavy. thanks in advance. Can you use it???

-- walt rogers (, March 29, 2001


Walt, Yes the society is interested in your book please contact us so we can make the proper arrangements.

-- Gary Riccio ACL & SAL RR HS (, April 02, 2001.

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