Bush and the Kyoto Protocol

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Scotland: Anger greets Bush decision

In Scotland, George Baxter of the World Wide
Fund for Nature, said: "Bush wants to turn
his back on the world. This is an international
issue and politicians should be displaying their
anger in the Scottish parliament, across the UK
and in Europe."

The Herald

NZ: Greens Disgusted At US Withdrawal
From Kyoto Protocol

"What we have here is the world's biggest
producer of global warming emissions turning
its back on the future of this planet," said
Ms Fitzsimons. "This is a decision which acutely
undermines the global commitment to protecting a
stable climate.


Germany, EU Focus on Global Warming

``It is important that the U.S. accept its
responsibility for the world climate,''
Schroeder said in an interview in Wednesday's
Los Angeles Times. ``They are the biggest
economy in the world and the heaviest energy


U.S. Abandonment of Climate Pact
Sparks Outcry

``(Global warming is the most dangerous and
fearful challenge to humanity over the next
100 years,'' Meacher said.


Bush firm on climate change

Mr Bush said: "We have an energy shortage.
I look forward to explaining this today to
the leader of Germany as to why I made the
decision I have."

. . .

"I think we all have to make absolutely clear
to the United States that this is not an issue
which can be regarded as some kind of marginal
environmental issue," she said.


Bush ditches 'green' treaty

"It is exceptionally serious," Environment
Minister Michael Meacher said, adding: "Global
warming is happening... the Kyoto protocol is
the only game in town. There is no possibility
of negotiating an acceptable alternative."

. . .

The chorus of protest was joined by Japan.
Tomihiro Taniguchi, of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change, said he believed Mr
Bush had come under pressure from the US coal
and oil industry regarding the costs involved
in reducing CO2 emissions.

This is London

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