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My name is Ergo Phizmiz. I'm English and twenty-one years old. I make material like nobody has ever heard before. Spoken-wordz and soundscapes directly channeled in through lucid dreaming. The CDs I am creating are titled "Sesmisarea", which is based on lucid dreamy journeys and waking hallucinations to, apparently, the lowest astral plane. So far, this work totals eleven hours in length. And I would like to contact Bill Laswell with regard to this work, because he seems to be on a similar wavelength. And I might as well spam whilst I'm here. I'm involved with the GuruSid project, which is at: WWW.GURUSID.CO.UK So there we are.

-- Ergo Phizmiz (, March 29, 2001


you suck, and yo momma sucks. she sucks ass.

-- bill laswell (, May 02, 2001.

hey, haaaa haaaaaaaa! keep doing what ya doing phizzy boy! rudey! martha moop'

-- martha moopette! (, August 28, 2001.

Hi, What's beef?

-- Luke Haemia (, September 01, 2001.

I heard The industrial estate on WFMU in NJ and it was seriously amazing. It there a way to buy or download any of your music. thanks.

-- Casey (, January 24, 2002.

yes I'd like to get that Industrial State as well please

-- (, January 24, 2002.

me too and some spam.

-- duwena hurtzog (, May 20, 2002.

where the fuck is tez?

-- jim (, January 27, 2003.

i can offer a queasy-knee experience aboard my intergalactic bath- plugging device (it's cheap and also quite a good laugh).

-- hand backman (, January 30, 2003.

hey all look out for my band soon

-- moonwolf (, February 08, 2003.

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