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Thursday, March 29 9:20 PM SGT

Argentine foot-and-mouth outbreak areas "more than 110": official BUENOS AIRES, March 29 (AFP) - Areas of Argentina affected by outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease number "more than 110" the head of the country's food safety agency confirmed Thursday.

The head of the National Food Safety and Quality Service, Hector Salamanco, made the public announcement Thursday, one day after the agency reported the number of outbreaks had risen to 92 and the same day local media had reported the impacted areas numbered 300.

The outbreaks have hit Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Pampa, San Luis and Santa Fe provinces, Salamanco said in a radio address, though he stressed that out of some 325,000 livestock raising areas nationwide, 110 outbreaks "are not so significant."

The confirmation came as Brazil, Argentina's closest trading partner in Mercosur, moved to reinforce its borders with military troops to prevent Argentine cattle and livestock products from crossing into the country undetected.

-- Carl Jenkins (, March 29, 2001

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