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dear sir/madam, I used ATI ALL IN WONDER VIDEO CAPTURE CARD (32MB) to capture movie in avi format from my analogue camcorder. this file I converted into mpeg format Audio Layer: 2 Frame Size: 352x240 Video Pack Size: 2324 Audio Bitrate: 224 kbits/s Frame Rate: 29.97 Audio Pack + Padding: 2324 Video Bitrate: 1150 kbits/s System Clock Reference: 1200 Last Pack Size 2324 Total Bitrate: 1764 kbits/s

using two different encoders ( avi2vcd.exe & tmpgenc.exe ) operation was successful but when I tried to make vcd using Adaptec easy can creator 4.0 I got following message. this mpeg movie can't be played on vcd player. use mpeg encoder that supports video cd encoding. there was error in system clock reference. also there was caution for audio bitrate. please tell me are these encoders are incorrect? or iam using incorrect mpeg encoding procedure? I had selected mpeg (ntsc) format.error message from cd creator is attached here. my system details are as follows windows 98 second edition Pentium II 350 mhz Intel 440bx motherboard 128 mb ram 6.2 gb hard disk ati all in wonder capture card (32 mb ram) please help me to solve this problem waiting for reply.

-- sunil chavan (, March 29, 2001


I also have an ATI (TV Wonder), use tmpgenc and EZCD Creator 4.0.

I have never encountered any errors from EZCD, as you report when I have "loaded" the NTSC VCD templet into tmpgenc for encoding regardless of the format of the input file. My VCD creations never fail to play on any system.

Make sure you "load" the correct templet and try again.

Good Burning.

-- me (, March 29, 2001.

A couple of suggestions. I only make SVCDs as I don't like the quality in VCD, but I think your audio format is wrong. I think VCD only accepts MPEG 1 for audio. Your bit rates look OK. You could also try demuxing into separate audio and video streams in TMPGenc and then multiplex them back together using a VCD template. Look under MPEG Tools in TMPGenc to do to this. You'd be surprised how many problems can be solved by demux and remux operations.

-- Jason Shumate (, March 30, 2001.

I suggest to scrap Adaptec all together. Use a better program like Nero or NTI.

-- thepest (, April 01, 2001.

just use TMpegEnc software to encode avi to mpeg which support vcd.


Which capture card can capture directly from camcorder in to MPEG format?

-- Aji Paul (, April 10, 2001.

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