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Please post your exposure index, developer recommendations (time, temperature and dilution), agitation method, and comments.

You can post responses here if you wish, or send information directly to me at Once I get three or four responses, I'll make a web page and publish it on Unblinking Eye. Then I will update it as more information is received.

Information collected thus far can be accessed from:

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 28, 2001


With my first two films of Neopan 100 I ran into trouble with severe overexposure (rated at 100), one roll in FG-7, one in a two-bath developer based on Catechine. I talked to Fuji Germany and we agreed on a speed of 200-250. The latest roll was shoot at 400 and developed in Acufine for 5 mins@20C.

-- Wolfram Kollig (, May 21, 2001.

this is interesting about the over exposure, i just shot a roll of this and would like it to turn out printable, i shot it at 100 asa all in bright sunlight, should i develop it as 200 or higher? i was planning on using d76 1:1 (times from digitaltruth) as that and xtol are all i have right now



-- Joe H (, May 22, 2001.

whoops, just read my question and noticed i made a mistake, if this film is truly faster i would need to shorten or pull development, not like i said and develop for 200 asa or higher.... hope it's clear what i'm asking


-- Joe H (, May 22, 2001.

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