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I would like to start a patch to grow horseradish. I need as much information as I can get about growing, harvesting, preparing, and preserving. What are the best varieties? I have a few seed books and would like to order some to plant this spring. I am in south-east Ohio. Thanks so much for the help.

-- Melissa (, March 27, 2001


Melissa, I ordered my horseradish from Territorial Seed Co, which is out of Oregon. They have regional varieties which do well where I live (Washington State.) I don't think horseradish is particularly sensitive to regional climates (could be wrong for sure!) but one thing I do know is that once established, they are part of your garden for years! Watch where you set it...

The best deal would be to find someone who has some to give away (like rhubarb!) in your area. They should be glad to!

Be sure to dig it up while it's small. My horseradish is big and has been in the ground for two years. I can really smell it when I'm out in the yard!

-- sheepish (WA) (, March 27, 2001.

Melissa - where are you located?

-- glynnis in KY (, March 28, 2001.

The roots spread big time .So choose where you want to plant it .Otherwise its easy to grow .

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 28, 2001.


If you want to send me your address, I will send you a couple of roots to start. Believe me, it can be very invasive so put it where you want it and give it lots of room. We acidentally plowed ours one time and now I have it rearing it's little head ALL OVER the garden. I sure wish every thing I grew was as hardy as this stuff.

-- diane (, March 28, 2001.

Hi Melissa. I cut the sidewalls off an old tire, buried it in a garden bed, and planted my horseradish in that tough round root-fence. It has not yet escaped.

-- Sandy in MN (, March 28, 2001.

After your horseradish is well established, dig a few roots from the center of the clump in September.

I process my horseradish OUTSIDE. Cut the tops off, wash the dirt off and lightly peel with a potato peeler. Cut into small chunks and drop into blender while it is running. Do all of this OUTSIDE standing upwind from your workspace. Spoon grated horseradish into ice cube trays and freeze. After they are frozen, pop into ziplock freezer bags and keep in the freezer.

Take as many horseradish cubes out of the freezer as you think you'll need for dinner and thaw. You can serve "as is" or mix with sour cream, or add a little salt and vinegar, or however you prefer your horseradish.

My grandpa used to bottle his, but the frozen tastes more like fresh.

-- Laura (, March 28, 2001.

Laura has it nailed, in my opinion. However, I ususally dig mine in the SPRING and follow her directions. If you do not believe her advice as pertains to doing it outside, then do it in a small indoor space ONCE! Also, if you shred it all and put it up in jars like that which you would buy, you will find it loses potence as time goes by. Freezing is indeed the answer. If you are unfarmiliar with homemade, or like a milder horseradish, you can mix in shredded turnip to temper the bite, as is done with some commercial products. GL!

-- Brad (, March 28, 2001.

I have heard to harvest after a frost {i think} because its hotter .Mom made it once and it can still bring tears to her eyes telling the story .I have never had a problem , but I do it outside.

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 28, 2001.

Thanks everyone for the information. I will try the tire idea, I had wondered if I should can or freeze it so I guess I will try freezing it. I love it with a nice beef roast, can't wait to grow my own. My Dad had some once when I was a kid and I remember him grinding it outside, but I don't remember anything else about what he did with it. Thanks so much diane for the offer, I will e-mail my address and I will send you postage also. Everyone is such a big help, like a real, live, homesteading encyclopedia!!!

-- melissa (, March 28, 2001.

Patty - believe me - in Maine the spring is "after a frost"! GL!

-- Brad (, March 29, 2001.

I was given a horseradish root 3 weeks ago & I can't believe the way it grows! I put it in a jar of water & it grew a foot in the first 2 wks. I put it in a pot & it's grown another 6 inches & has a small flower. I don't have a green thumb & I love any plant that thrives in spite of me! I'm also glad to know what to do with it when it matures. God bless!

-- Bonnie (, March 29, 2001.

Yes, be sure to plant it where it can be contained. The first year I planted mine the aphids stripped the leaves - I couldn't believe the number of aphids on the plants.

Does anyone know any uses for the leaves? Can they be cooked or used raw? I'm not sure what plant family horseradish belongs to, so don't know if the leaves are toxic or not. Does anyone know - and if they can be eaten, how about some reciepes or ideas for use.

-- Maggie's Farm (, April 03, 2001.

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