e-mail address of Richard Gere.

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I want to get the e-mail address of Richard Gere because I love him so much. Please help me! Excuse-me but my english isn't so good. Thanks, Marta Freire.

-- Marta Freire (mcpaf@bol.com.br), March 27, 2001


No Marta, I, like you have been trying to find his e-mail address. I have looked up and down, Give it up girlfriend, we are not finding it. Sorry I could'nt help!

-- Samantha (cheychey@bentcom.net), April 02, 2001.

I don't have Mr. Gere's e-mail address, I suspect that someone as popular and famous as he is could not possibly handle the volume, were his address known. I comment here on his statements in NYC on 10/22/01 - with which I strongly disagree. I have long thought that it would be perfect if poeple who share Mr. Gere's Pollyanaish notions of the world could also be the people who pay the price for such ideas and resulting policy, everything would be just fine. To illustrate, if there could have been a set of buildings on Sept. 11th filled with Mr. Gere and his like minded supporters, and they were the sole targets of the terrorists, I could easily support the political prayers of the people who died, provided, of course, that the very next attack and all that would follow would fall upon Mr. Gere and his sympathizers. This of course, can never happen. It would be just and correct -- but it can't happen. The fact is that ordinary people, firemen, policemen, and military personnel bust cash the checks that Mr. Gere seeks to write. If there is anything generous about Mr, Gere, it is his willingness to spend the lives of others to satisfy his appetite for self love.

-- Mike Grimes Fmr NYPD/ USDOJ (Ret.) (mgrimes-tx@msn.com), October 22, 2001.

This is in response to Mr. Grimes. Sorry I don't have his email...but believe me he checks out his own sites...who wouldn't?? Every body has their own view. I don't agree with his religon, there is only One True God but he has his rights to any religion he seeks. But I notice that we agree that we should turn the other cheek, but we can't. We already did that and it led to this tragedy. I did admire him for standing up to his peers to say this, it took a lot of courage...he probably knew it wouldn't go over but he had to try and I give him a lot of credit in that aspect. P.S. I am not a huge fan of him...but I had to see what was being said in his sites.. take care

-- Diana Parker (Searchertwin@hotmail.com), October 27, 2001.

Im looking to. Ill keep looking for his e-mail address Im also trying to find his home address. All I know is that He has a home in Malibu His home was almost one of the ones that almost burnt in the malibu fires. I dont know if he still lives there He probably still ownes it but just visits there once in awhile. Ill keep looking for his e-mail address.

-- Lucille (csla1@earthlink.com), February 02, 2003.

Me abandonó el amor y déjeme dormir;cuando el alba llegó,intenté discesnir lo que me aconsejó, y , por verdaz decir ,hable que en sus consejos siempre intenté vivir. Maravílleme mucho cuando en ello pensé,en servir a mi dueño yo nunca me cansé,respeté siempre y nunca me alabé. cuando mi corazón yo mismo me tommé, Mi corazón me dijo hazlo que triunfarás,que si hoy no lo consigues,mañana lo tendrás,y lo que en muchos días conseguido no has,cuando menos lo pienses,bién lo conseguirás. Provebio no repetido, cuento no mentiroso : Alejé la tristeza y el cudiado dañoso, busqué encontré mi amo del que estoy deseoso: De talla ,muy apuesto; De gestos,amorosos:gentil y lozano,placentero y hermoso, Mesurado halagueño , donoso y gracioso ; y muy risueño; amor en toda cosa: las mas noble figura de cuantas yo ver pude,es muy rico ,y muy bién educado; Es noble por sus bienes y por su alto linaje,por todo el mundo tiene grande poder y suerte: Sin su consejo nada hay que la mujer acierte

-- susana (susana mayo2000@yahoo.es), April 26, 2004.

With all my respect to every body & his owncharacteristics .I'd like to tell MR. GERE that I am an arabic girl who is obssessed with the whole of your work pictures & every thing related to you specially the romantic works I'd like to send allllllllllllllll my regards to you as a symbol of inspiration to me .with alllllllll my respect.

-- kholoud sukkarieh (sarah5_16@hotmail.com), April 29, 2004.

ilove him so and i want his email

-- ahmad alawi (chin__gy@hotmail.com), September 18, 2004.

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