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Ok, gang, still looking for more consists of the postwar Seminole. I asked this question about 4 years ago with some pretty good results, but perhaps more has surfaced in the meantime.

Thanks as always

Buck Dean (your membership guy!!)

-- Buck Dean (, March 27, 2001


The departure of No. 17 from Waycross came at a critical time when the Train Clerk was going to press with the Jacksonville Terminal's Dope Sheet. If No. 17's consist didn't make publication, the Mail Dock Foreman would always call the Train Clerk to check on any "Cat cars", Jacksonville Terminal terminology for cars hauling catalogs. No. 17 hauled many a Sears catalog, which by their bulk and volume really put the mail sorting facility to the test.

-- Harry Bundy (, March 31, 2001.

Buck, the Green Frog video "Passenger Trains of the '60's" VOL 3 ("Trains of Birmingham") contains a profuse amount of color footage of the SEMINOLE wandering over the C of G and IC. BTW, it also has great footage of the SILVER COMET in SAL and SCL eras showing its interesting and ever-changing consists. The SEMINOLE usually shows up in the video heavy on the head-end with various baggage/mail and express rolling stock, many from off-line railroads as likely as not (despite IC's insistence on matching colors throught). The core passenger cars seemed to consist of two coaches: normally rebuilt heavyweight ACL and C of Ga cars painted in IC colors. The ACL cars painted in IC colors were in the 1000 and 1100-series. These are followed by an IC diner or cafe-diner (sometimes a hw rebuild), with an IC sleeper on the rear, what looks line a lightweight 6-6-4. The video never shows a SEMINOLE with less than this, and often carrying an additional IC heavyweight coach, or additional off-road 10-6 sleeper. The only consistently lightweight assignments are the sleeper(s). By July 1967, the SCL passenger timetable lists the diner only between Chicago and Carbondale, and the 6-6-4 sleeper between Chicago and Birmingham (since the winter 1965-66). By December of '67, the sleeper was completely gone. The SEMINOLE made it's last run in June 1969. The video - and others in the series - is VERY entertaining for anyone interested in classic passenger trains in the South, not to mention an excellent info source for anyone who wants to model them.

-- Bob Venditti (, March 30, 2001.

Gee, this is great. Keep it coming guys and thanks for digging up the information.


-- Buck Dean (, March 28, 2001.

Dr. Dean: Following cypher from WX:

F F WAYCROSS GA DEC. 21 1964 17 ENGS 541 760 531/ EX PRR 2184 JAX/ M FEC 491 JAX/ EX REX 7396 JAX/ M SOU 4057 JAX/ M REX 6740 JAX/ M SAL 432 JAX/ M NRC 645 JAX/ M ACL 722 JAX/ ME CGA 427 JAX/ EX IC 784 JAX/ BG IC 760 JAX/ CH CGA 639 JAX/ CH ACL 1118 JAX/ CH CGA 527 JAX/ PETROLEUM 903 JAX/ ........15 CARS ....534PM NEED A TRANSLATION ?

-- Harry Bundy (, March 27, 2001.

Can't give specific names or numbers, but ACL timetable of April 30, 1950, shows:

Sleepers 907 Chicago - Miami 8 Sec., 2 Comp.. 1 Drawing room 903 Chicago - Jacksonville 8 Sec., 2 Comp.. 1 Drawing room 901 Chicago - Columbus 10 Sec., 2 Comp., 1 Drawing room Coaches Chicago - Jacksonville Reclining seats St. Louis - Jacksonville Reclining seats Jacksonville - Miami Reclining seats Jacksonville - Tampa-Sarasota Jacksonville - St. Petersburg Cafe-Lounge Chicago - Jacksonville

(Notice- Reclining seat coaches NOT specified!)

Ten years later, ACL timetable of April 24, 1960, shows:

Reclining-Seat Coaches Chicago - Jacksonville St. Louis - Carbondale Jacksonville - Miami Jacksonville - Tampa Lake Alfred - Fort Myers Jacksonville - St. Petersburg Cafe-Lounge Chicago - Columbus Sandwich-Beverage Service Albany - Jacksonville Sleepers 903 Chicago - Jacksonville 6 Sec., 6 Rmte., 4 Dbl. Bedrm. A 162 Jacksonville - Tampa 10 Rmte., 6 Dbl. Bedrm. A 161 Jacksonville - Miami 10 Rmte., 6 Dbl. Bedrm.

Note that the coaches were listed first!

-- Larry Brennan (, March 27, 2001.

Hey membership guy! Have an ICC report of a derailment of # 10 on the Central Of Georgia on July 29, 1953. Consist was IC 4032 and 4033,one express car, one mail-express, four express cars, two coaches, a cafe- lounge car and one sleeper. The cafe-lounge car was badly damaged by the accident and the subsequent fire. It in all probability was an IC heavyweight. The following sleeper was also damaged and 14 were injured-10 passengers, one Pullman co. employee(most likely the poerter) and three dining car employees. The cause was insecure track- a track gang was working on the track and did not spike it properly, nor replace ballast. Wanna a copy-give me your snail mail address.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, March 27, 2001.

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