Dispute Over Mortgage Protection Policy

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I applied for a mortgage in 1998 via the advice of an IFA. I was advised to take out mortgage repayment protection. I filled out the relevant paperwork, signed & dated it but did not fill out the direct debit instruction. Two years later I finally bought a property after four properties fell through. During this time the mortgage company agreed to keep my apllication open to avoid filling forms in over & over again. Unfortunately I have recently been made redundant, assuming I was protected by mortgage repayment policy, I felt safe in the knowledge that my home was safe for the time being. I contacted the mortgage company about my situation & I was told that I had no protection. I contacted my IFA who confirmed I had signed & dated a form for mortgage repayment protection, but had not filled out a direct debit instruction. I contacted the mortgage company & told them of this & was informed that if that was the case, I would have had the form returned to me to fill out completely, this was not the case. I am now requesting to see my original mortgage documents in order to clarify this. I was informed that my documents were sent to my local branch, I contacted the local branch & found they have no record of my files. I explained this to the original branch that dealt with my mortgage & they insisted it had been moved to my local branch. I have since sent two letters to the mortgage company (one to their Head Office), with no reply. Where do I stand? Can I force them to supply my mortgage files? I find this very strange if they are so sure I'm not covered by a repayment protection plan. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated at this time of great stress.

-- LAWRENCE MUTISYA (LAWLOZ@aol.com), March 27, 2001


Unfortunately, you will have no cover. It's your responsibility to ensure the premiums are paid and you *must* have noticed that nothing was coming out of your bank account. Until that DD mandate is signed and dated, they have no legal obligation to provide cover. It sounds like a real mess, but the bottom line is that you should have checked. Sorry to sound so gloomy.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), March 27, 2001.

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