Jane's Punishments

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What was exactly 'a beating' or 'a whipping'?Was it actually as violent (the whipping)as was shown on the movie,"Lady Jane"?What were 'bobs and nips'?What was she afraid to speak of 'for the honour I bear my family'.

-- Kathy C. (smilingfeather@catsrule.garfield.com), March 26, 2001


I think this may help you in regerence to Jane's beatings:- Nips and Bobs were meted out by her mother as she passed Jane, pinching at her arms and rapping at her skull with her knuckles. Girls were quite good at doing that to girls they didn't like at school. The bruises dont show when the arms are covered with sleeves and the scalp with hair. Those little pinches can be a lot worse than a beating, remember clothing was quite hard to lace on, especially sleeves. From what I can gather the beatings were across her back and rump with a bare hand, sometimes birchwood was used. Hope this is helpful. I have just completed a novel so you can take it from me most of my information has been well researched!

-- Peter Carroll (peterdaphne61@aol.com), April 13, 2001.

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