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: I am currently using layer mash from Cargill from my local feed store. about $8.50 per 50 pound bag. I have about 150 new birds coming in three weeks and was wondering about having the feed mill mix the feed this year. 100 are meat birds and 50 are layers. (they will be split up) : Can I start the birds on the mixed feed or should I start with a commercial starter? : Has anyone had any experience with raising meat birds on mixed feed? : Does anyone have suggestions on recipies for the mixed feed? : Thanks in advance : Craig

-- craig swasnon (, March 26, 2001


Craig, are the new birds just hatched chicks, or are they young birds of a certain age? Need to know this to formulate a feed for you, also, at what age do you want to be able to butcher the meat birds?

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, March 26, 2001.

Poultry are pretty versatile. We feed a lot of All Grain or Sweet Grain at $3.60 /50# and this is their favorite. We blend it with layer crumbles, hen scratch and oyster shell. Cracked corn at about $4 a sack works too. Our birds free range, so I don't know if the grain mix alone would be deficient in essential nutrients. We don't do cornish cross either, so ours grow slowly.

-- David C (, March 30, 2001.

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