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Number 2 train goes off tracks By Associated Press, 3/25/2001 15:48 NEW YORK (AP) Passengers aboard a No. 2 subway train had a rough ride early Sunday morning when the first two cars of the train derailed, authorities said.

The southbound train was about 100 feet north of the Fulton Street station in Manhattan when the front wheels of the second car went off the tracks, the Transit Authority said.

Police said there were about 100 passengers on the train. There were no reported injuries.

Transit workers asked all of the passengers to move to the rear eight cars of the train and detached the two front cars. The train was then backed up to the Park Place station where the passengers could get off.

Service on the No. 2 and 3 lines was back to normal by 5:30 a.m. The Transit Authority is conducting a review to determine what caused the derailment.

-- Carl Jenkins (, March 26, 2001

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