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Is there anything I can put in my flowerbeds or anything I can spray etc.. to keep my dogs out of them? I planted over 200 bulbs last fall & I am getting tired of them digging in them & laying on them. They aren't going to be very pretty if they get smashed or dug up. :-( Any suggestions would be appreciated. I was so mad today I tied them up, but I don't like to keep them tied.

-- Wendy (, March 25, 2001


Kmart, Target and places like them have a granular product in their garden dept that repels cats and dogs. Lasts until it gets wet and you have to put down again. It won't kill or injure them.

-- Lynn Goltz (, March 25, 2001.

If they haven't come up yet, you can spray the area with ammonia. It's nearly pure nitrogen, so it could burn foliage, but a lite mist would be enough to stick up the area, and it would wash off with rain.

-- Soni (, March 25, 2001.

Fence or electric wire. You can buy small chargers that use light guage wire that work well on dogs. One strand about 18" high is all you need. Use 36" pieces of 1/2" pvc pipe for posts. Drill a small hole through the pipe and use a short piece of wire to attach the hot wire to the post. Most dogs are real sissies about getting shocked on the nose and learn real quick.

-- Skip Walton (, March 25, 2001.

I read somewhere that you can put down cayanne pepper. I was going to try it to keep the neighbor's dogs from messing my lawn near the street (I still have to mow there) I'm hesitant to put down the stuff sold in stores since most say to keep away from waterways and ponds. Would the goats get sick from it's runoff? Not worth it to me.

-- Dee (, March 25, 2001.

I haven't tried this on dogs, lay down chicken wire. It sure kept the cats out of my garden. I also read that it will keep Deers away from trees and gardens, if laid on the ground.

-- Stacia in OK (, March 26, 2001.

Cayenne pepper might work, but my dogs like all hot peppers.... It took forever to teach them to stay out of the garbage, let alone the garden. Mine are fenced, but one gets out no matter what I do. She isn't a problem, and stays in the yard, but I don't like it...

Anyway, fences would be my thought... Most of what I have sprayed to keep pups out of garbage would be worse in the garden than the dogs are.... (pine sol was what finally worked).

I wish you the best of luck - and if you get it figured out - please let me know - especially if its something I can use for that 'problem puppy' of mine!!!

-- Sue Diederich (, March 26, 2001.

We put up electric fence in a place where we KNEW that the dogs would get zapped good. After that just string would keep them away from any area I didn't want them in.

-- diane (, March 27, 2001.

If you use electric fence, you might bait it with a little peanut butter, especially if you have different sizes of dogs. That way, they'd be SURE to figure out what the fence was all about and would likely give it a wide berth from there on out.

-- Laura Jensen (, March 28, 2001.

Have you tried moth balls? We put them around our basement windows because the tomcats were using the windows as bathrooms. Solved the problem. They have to be replaced after several rains. They are probably cheaper than products meant to repel animals.

-- CJ Popeck (, March 31, 2001.

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