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Iíve eased into a reasonable LF setup for field use over the last couple of years. Iím considering an upgrade for my Bogen 3001 tripod. I have a Tachihara and tend to hike or backpack several miles. The 3001 is idea for size and weight and the only similar upgrade seems to be a carbon fiber. I rarely extend the center post on the 3001 and have not seen much of a problem with it ( I do wish for some close to the ground setups that could be solved with a hack saw on the 3001 center post), but I lack a lot of experience and have nothing to compare this with. A CF is a chunk of change in my budget that Iím carefully considering. Iíd be interested in hearing from folks who use the 3001 and have found it to suffice, as well as others who have upgraded and found their photos to have improved. Of course, other advice would also be appreciated. I would probably be looking at the Bogen 3444 and the Gitzo is probably not in my price range.

-- Roger Rouch (, March 25, 2001


Hi Roger,

I've used the 3001 with the 3030 head for several years under my Rollei TLR and love it. Having recently purchased an 8x10 I am in the same boat as you. I'm looking at either the Bogen 3036 (3 leg sections, extends just past 81 inches, sells for $175 at B&H) or the 3046 (2 leg sections, maximum height 68 inches, sells for $150). Both of these tripods are rated to hold well over 25 pounds. The 3444 is a fantastic piece (I've heard) but I really don't think you need to spend that much money - and since you said that money is a factor I would suggest you give the two models I mentioned a look.

Good luck! Mark

-- Mark Minard (, March 25, 2001.

Mark, Thank you for your thoughts. Yet,I could feel my knees utter a soft moan when I looked up the weight of the 3036. My day pack with camera weighs 25-30 30 pounds and I may travel 6 or 8 miles in a day with much vertical gain. I believe I am close to the limit of my physical capabilities and have gone to great length to save ounces here and there. My Tachihara with lens probably weighs a pound or maybe two pounds more than a typical TLR. Of course, the focal length of the lenses are longer. I may be back to my original quandry.

-- Roger Rouch (, March 25, 2001.

Roger, the Tachihara is pretty light but is a bit much for the model 3001 Bogen tripod. I don't whether your photographs will improve, but I think you'll find that shooting with a sturdier tripod is more comfortable. I use the model 3221 (black version of 3021) which is two pounds heavier than the 3001 and very sturdy, more than enough for the Tachihara. This tripod has been recently upgraded but probably weighs about the same as the old model. You can save some weight and cost on the tripod head, however. Unless you need a quick release plate, the model 3028 super 3D head is a fine choice for a lightweight field camera and weighs a full pound less than the 3030, not to mention how inexpensive it is. The combination of 3021 tripod with 3028 head weighs 7 lbs and costs about $150.

-- mitch rosen (, March 25, 2001.

Roger, I also shoot with a Tachihara and still have a 3001. But I got a 3443 Carbon Fiber tripod and you will love the difference. It is much ligher and can be used close to the ground with minimun effort. It does cost a bit but I have found it to be one of my best investments to date. I have a Manfrotto 3055 ball head on it which is small yet holds the Tachihara with no problem. Hope this helps you out. Doug

-- Doug Theall (, March 25, 2001.

I use the 3021 with my Linhof Tech III and the large ball head with no problems. I had the 3030 and like you my knees screamed.

-- Scott Walton (, March 26, 2001.

I have used the 3001 with my four and a half pound 4X5 camera for two years. I really never noticed much of a problem, but was never sure. It seems others agree on previous posts that it is not quite enough tripod for a 4X5. I have looked at the 3021 and the 3021 short. I travel and hike a lot and quite frankly the 3001 was more than I wanted to carry around so I resisted moving up to the 3021. I finally decided to make the leap and got a Gitzo 1228. I put my bogan 3030 head on it, but took two of the heavy padded arms off of it and replaced them with little platic knobs from a 3025 head. Total weight of the tripod and head is know just under 5 pounds. Not bad. Don't really know if I improved things at this point. If you decide to go for a carbon fiber gitzo and can't find a good used one, be sure to check out Robert White. His Gizto's are amazingly cheap compared to US prices even after shipping from the UK and import taxes. I regularly see used Gitzos go for more on E-bay than he sells them for new.

-- Paul Mongillo (, March 26, 2001.

I use a Wista DX (same specs as Tachihara) and use a 3001 with a 3028 super-3D head for backpacking. I usually weight down the tripod by attaching a cord to a bolt screwed into the carry strap socket.

After using this camera for about 6 months I purchased a Gitzo 1226 for general purpose use including day hiking. I also use a 3028 head with this currently. Total weight is about 7.5 pounds and the tripod has 4 leg sections so attaches nicely to the side of a daypack. It is significantly sturdier than the 3001 and never needs to be weighted down. I use it out of the car and on long day hikes.

I like this pair of tripods for all my uses and would only replace the 3001 at this point with a significantly lighter tripod such as the new Gitzo 1127/1128 models which are 2 1/2 pounds or so.

-- Richard Ross (, March 27, 2001.

I am about to purchase a Manfrotto 055 (3021 equivalent). This will be used in the field. The problem is that the current models only come with the 'indoor' feet. Can the 'outdoor' feet with the retractable spikes be purchased separately? Is it possible to find a 3021 on the used market with these feet? Has anyone had problems with stability with the 'indoor' feet in rough terrain?

-- Edward Kimball (, April 30, 2001.

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